Just a post to say hi!

Let’s face it. The university web site’s current look and feel is old. Like 2009 old. Four years is a long time on the internet. With that in mind, along with things like social media, accessibility, and tablet and mobile device use, the time has come to update and upgrade sf.edu.

With the new site, we will be able to better express the university’s identity and mission, incorporate best practices in technology, usability and accessibility, as well as expand better as the university grows.

So, how long will this take?

We are estimating a 12-18 month time frame with a launch sometime during the fall 2014 semester. All sites will be transitioned during this period, instead of one at a time as before.

What other changes will occur?

In addition to a new look, we will also be implementing a new content management system (CMS). The current CMS does not offer the flexibility needed to maintain the site.

Project Scope

  • Site designs that comply with web standards, meet accessibility guidelines, and work on tablet and mobile devices
  • New site-wide navigation
  • New and improved web content focusing on the student experience and to be more user-centric
  • Implementation of a more flexible CMS


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