Nightingale Lamp for Nursing Pinning

Ryan Bredlau

Ryan Bredlau, studio technician for USF’s School of Creative Arts (SOCA), graciously responded to a request from the Department of Nursing Pinning Committee to design and create a Nightingale lamp, reminiscent of those used by Florence Nightingale when giving care during the Crimean War. Ryan created two lamps, one of which was featured May 3 and again December 13, 2012 on the table during the Nursing Pinning Ceremony.

As with all of Ryan’s work, creating the lamps was a multi-step process. He first sketched his ideas on paper, refining the idea until he was happy with the final design. He then began constructing the lamps by rolling out several slabs of clay, cutting out the lamp shapes, and then piecing them together.

He hand-carved the medallions into the sides of the lamps to create the cohesive look that he had envisioned. The details within the medallions represent the seals of USF and the School of Health Sciences (SOHS).

Ryan also incorporated religious elements important to the Christian tradition: the Holy Cross and the Icthus. These can be seen in the handle and spout. Once he was satisfied with the shape and detail of the lamps, they were bisque fired to prepare them for the application of colored glazes, resulting in the finished product. Ryan said, “Creating the Nightingale lamps for the University of Saint Francis’ School of Nursing was a true honor.”

Now in his second year as studio technician for SOCA, Ryan holds a bachelor’s degree in studio art from Central College in Pella, Iowa, and a Master of Fine Arts with concentrations in ceramics and sculpture from Lindenwood University. He is affiliated with the College Art Association, The Arts Live, The Foundry Art Center, and Fine Art Unlimited. More about his work may be found on Flickr or on Facebook.

Ryan Bredlau, SOCA studio technician, designed and created Nightingale lamps for use in USF’s Nursing Pinning Ceremony.